Software Uncover HN: Scraping JSON metadata from reverse engineered Jango API


Sufficiently developed users reverse engineer undocumented APIs for fun.

I have been sufficiently developed since I reverse engineered the Jango API over ten years ago. It be been a while nonetheless I peaceable take into accout the employ of Burp Suite to designate Referer. At the 2d I might possibly possibly appropriate employ Chrome Developer Instruments as a change.

This One year when some search outcomes disappeared from the respectable Jango search web page then I became faced with a option.

Chance 1: contact Jango people and quiz “Hiya where are the lacking search outcomes?”

Chance 2: problem your total JSON metadata from the Jango API and influence my accept as true with search web page that searches Jango the device I desire.

So I chose option 2 and went on a months long quest for Jango JSON metadata. Chance 1 would had been socially awkward and entirely unnecessary since I am completely capable of fixing concerns with out help from anybody.

End result! Warning: technical tools most sharp behold good to nerds.

Source code! The most important is to pipe the curl commands together. Is rarely always that beautiful guys??

Yup. It became price doing.

Sorry there is nothing to monetize right here.