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Tech moblie laptop

3 firms vie for project to modernise transport facility

Three private firms, including city-based Manipal Group and Switzerland-headquartered Trapeze Group, have thrown in their hats in the competitive bids for providing intelligent transport system (ITS) to the


Metropolitan Transport Corporation (


). The Rs 30-crore project, to be implemented in three months, is expected to provide a much-needed IT boost to the decades-old corporation.

Sources in the BMTC confirmed that three firms took part in the bids. The technical evaluation, however, was delayed due to the two-month lockdown. The contract to the successful bidder is expected to be awarded in a month’s time.

Each of the three firms, including two international companies, have entered into a joint venture with three separate organisations as the tenders have listed out several works under one project, funded by

Centre’s Nirbhaya Scheme


Rebooting BMTC’s IT infrastructure has been one of the important projects of state-owned transport utility as it was seeing intense competition from many transport firms including ride-hailing taxis, bikes and even the Metro. While the competitors were backed by robust technology, the BMTC had earned a bad image for running buses, using old-school methods.

ITS Project

The Rs 30 crore project mainly consists of four components — passenger information system (PIS), automatic vehicle location system, surveillance system as well as touch-screen kiosks and digital display boards at major bus stations.

The PIS initiative will provide details such as routes, schedules and the estimated time of arrival. It will be integrated with the mobile application and BMTC website in order to provide real-time information about buses to commuters. The surveillance system is aimed at providing a better emergency response system. Each bus will be installed with two

CCTV cameras

for the safety of bus passengers. The new mobile app will also have a panic button among other features.

BMTC Managing Director C Shikha confirmed to Bangalore Mirror that the project would be awarded in a month’s time. The successful bidder, as per the tender conditions, will have three months to implement the project. The contract period is four years.

For BMTC, it’s a second attempt at improving its IT infrastructure. The transport utility had roped in a Mumbai-based

Trimax IT Infrastructure

and Services Ltd about five years ago but the company went into bankruptcy just when the BMTC thought it finally found tech support. For the last two years, the transport utility has been unable to track all buses.

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